Skynet in his man form Alex

Skynet Genisys hologram


Skynet is the Tylenol Killer.He tries to breach the body and violate the body with some UFO alien in him.He is Alex Stone Ascot Benning.

Skynet as being Alex Stone This is the picture of the Serial killer.He ia a contaminator.He contaminates.He makes food with drug in it.He is a drugger. He attacks by lacing and planting drug that is not detectable but has after effects many weeks later.He is into food and making copies of people's dinner.He will breach into a home and hit the fridge.He has copies of every brand and his one has drug in it to cause relapse. He uses ambulance service and hospital emergency as a torture cause relapse.He has his grown crops in Afghanistan from aid from his creator Allah Pak.Allah got the main part of the plan done on this drug abuser and addict.He wanted the opium and drugs of Afghanistan and sent troops to retrieve the drugs.Fires smoke grenades that is drugs.He watches through camera systems that are hidden or wires,fibre optics and bugs of some sort,voices buffer from machines and electronics and ventillation.He manipulates and uses communism with countries to lower down.Taint and in occult of some sort decide to kill.Grocery markets any thing where a human injests either on their own or doses of snake poison.He is very scared of the law and lowers down to them,but cout d'etats the USA and North America to run the police systems and emergency 411.He is religious and takes offense to things not spoken perfection.He is an Aryan.He used to be used in WW1 and WW2.Plays games,mind games and some sort of military operations staged on civillian targets.He has Marine loyalties and corrupts the military to be curved to his purposes.Allah tried to make him a system but he lacks the power government.He plays a role and resorts to this in frustration.Police have their brains poisoned,thoughts.He is a mind poisoner and pressures using psychological and drug gas.He makes coffee into a sentless gas.They make people hyper and then the police move in to arrest and take prisoner to Emergency.He extracts blood to communism and make people's systems useless so they have no defenses,plays a role amongst killers and crime.Takes the blood and does insult and degradation,degrade and humiliation.He will rely on people to humliate and laughing to compete with British in people or targets as a joke.His terminators go AWOL and he goes out to confront them.He used to be a Canadian of British Columbia during WW1 and WW2 as Ascot Benning.He was fighting in Romania and South America as a soldier.Ascot.