Ontario police and Canadian police need to be upgraded to the rest of the US and space network.There are the season in Ontario as there is in NY state and northern USA.Ontario as Canada gets attacked infiltrated by militaries practicing partying and vacation and drugs.Many world militaries camp down in cities and cottage country to have a wild time and use the Gulf as an excuse,British controls government and starts secret war on US police.British are race of criminals and conduct and operate on rights of crime.They have a poor police force and started to do this on Ontario and that is how crime grows.British made government but their society disagrees and throws out law and has their own concoctsion.Canada. should make a deal with America to join and upgrade their law.The Ontario and Canadian tactics,they don't know how to utilize their car or what technology or do not know the law and don't apply the right actions.Paranoid about punching criminals and think they will get charged.They don't know how to climb or breach fences and they pickup things from New England.Factories have police that are much more ahead then America,security guards are police and rottweilers are police dogs.Guard dog is a fellow police dog.Canada should have police helicopters and for over the lakes and bodies of water.Training is not up to date.But the security guards of the factory do much better than what is commanded.Property and when to shoot firearms and protect animals are victim to crime by underworld as they don't have voice to call for help.Fish too.And to connect them as a defenses for people and society.I think though they should go through lectures and part of their training by Americans but the Security guards and all North America police and in space.Police in warfare transition to the Marines and make their own military vehicles for war as the police should be the military and to fold the American military to the police and keep the ones they need that are doing things at a high level and proper,Coast Guard?NATO.Crime turns into countries and empires conduct live on crime for life and to sin against religion.Canadian geography,seasons and elements and to imput police tactics into these properly.Ontario, undeveloped areas in Canada like James Bay of Ontario and lack of MLB teams in Alberta Wildcats NL and Ottawa Millionaires AL as I thought of expansion.They can play,players depth and organization and where MLB teams take their players and management.